Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
Admissions 2020
  1. New Chemistry
  2. Chemistry and Physics of Materials
Fee: Rs.500/- paid
App. No. PH791183
Program Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
E-mail Address
Date of Birth 17/11/1996
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
State of Domicile Orissa
Aadhaar Number 686734745598
Place of Birth UDALA
Category Other Backward Class
OBC - Sub-Classification NCL (Non-Creamy Layer)
Subcategory None
State Orissa
Pincode 757041
Mobile Number +91-8250308978
Are you Currently Employed? No
Qualifying Degree
Qualifying Degree Status Year of Passing
M.Sc. (Chemistry) Appeared / Appearing 2020

National Examination
National Entrance Test Year and Month Roll Number Rank Score
JOINT CSIR UGC NET for JRF 2019 - 06 (UGC fellow only) 132078 74 93

Academic Details
10 std / SSLC
Institution and PlaceUDALA HIGH SCHOOL UDALA
Year of Passing2012
Aggregate Percentage95.17
Any Specific CommentsSTATE RANK 13
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
MATH 100
12 std / PUC
Year of Passing2014
Aggregate Percentage87.0
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
Mode of Admission
Admission Registration Number
Year wise/Semester wiseYear
Institution and PlaceKOLKATA
Major Subjectchemistry
Year of Passing2020
Aggregate Percentage8.34
Any Specific Comments
Year/Semester wise performance
1 2015/ Sem-1-8.00 SGPA-8.0
2 2016/Sem 2-8.22 SGPA-8.11
3 2016/Sem 3-8.58 SGPA-8.26
4 2017/Sem 4-7.88 SGPA-8.17
5 2017/Sem 5-8.00 SGPA-8.13
6 2018/Sem 6-8.33 SGPA-8.17
7 2018/Sem 7-8.67 SGPA- 8.2
8 2019/Sem 8-9.00 SGPA- 8.3
9 2019/Sem 9-8.67 SGPA- 8.3
10 2020/Sem 10-9.00 SGPA- 8.

1 Prof Debasish Haldar (, Phone:9748487503, Address:IISER KOLKATA) - As a Teacher
Academic background to conduct research5
Comes up with innovative ideas4
Ability to work independently or problem solving4
Clarity of comprehension of concepts5
Communication skill5
Can work in company of others5
Emotional maturity5
This is to certify that Kshitish Chandra Hati was an Integrated BS-MS student of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata. He has done Chemistry major in Department of Chemical Sciences, and obtained his degree in July 2020. He has done MS project entitled “Synthesis of short peptides and analogous: Structure and application” under my supervision at Department of Chemical Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata. He has done very well in my course work entitled Organic Synthesis. He has obtained A in my courses in VI semesters. He has CGPA 8.4/10. He has expertise in handling instruments like Spectrophotometer, Spectrofluorometer, FT-IR as well as NMR, Mass, single crystal X-ray data analysis and interpretation. He also has expertise in organic synthesis, purification by different chromatographic techniques, characterization of compounds by various spectroscopic methods like NMR, FTIR, UV-Vis spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. He has obtained awards like DST Inspire fellowship 2015-2020, India, and CSIR Junior Research Fellowship, 2019, India. He has short term research experience in laboratory of Professor T. Govindaraju, JNCASR, Bangalore and Professor Suman De sarkar, IISER-Kolkata, India, He possesses a critical mind and has an avid interest in various scientific fields. He is an excellent bench worker. I have found a combination of diligence and intelligence within him. He is very much capable to work in a multidisciplinary research team and he is also very eager to learn new techniques. Hi has excellent English communication skill. &#rl;&#nl;I can consider him as one of the top 5 students of the IISER Kolkata. I strongly recommend Kshitish Chandra Hati for a PhD position in JNCASR.&#rl;&#nl;With best wishes,&#rl;&#nl;Dr. Debasish Haldar&#rl;&#nl;Professor,Department of Chemical Sciences, &#rl;&#nl;Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, &#rl;&#nl;Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal 741246, India. &#rl;&#nl;E-mail:

2 Dr. Suman De Sarkar (, Phone:+91-33-61360000, Address:IISER Kolkata) - As a Teacher
Academic background to conduct research5
Comes up with innovative ideas4
Ability to work independently or problem solving5
Clarity of comprehension of concepts4
Communication skill5
Can work in company of others5
Emotional maturity5
I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Kshitish Chandra Hati who has applied for a PhD position in JNCASR.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;Mr. Kshitish Chandra Hati is a brilliant student starting from the high school level and he joined our institute (IISER Kolkata) as an Integrated MS student in 2015 after qualifying a highly competitive entrance examination. I got to know him more closely during the theoretical and practical courses where I was the course instructor. In the classes, his performance was extraordinary and that has allowed me to evaluate Kshitish in a better way as a student.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;During his course work at IISER Kolkata he did well and his final CGPA was 8.4 out of 10. His grades are not a true reflection of his scientific knowledge, I believe he is better than that. Often, from various scientific discussions, I have realized that he has the ability to analyze an experimental observation on his own. I see all the potentials of an independent thinker within him. I rate him among the top 10% students of our institute.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;To add to his academic record, he has a pleasing personality blended with good manners. Based on my own interaction with the candidate, I recommend Mr. Kshitish Chandra Hati as a commendable candidate for PhD position in JNCASR.&#rl;&#nl;

Question 1
What is it about research as a career that interests you the most? In which subject area(s) would you like to pursue research? What led you to choose this area of research?

Response to Question 1
Ever since I started studying Chemistry and Biology, I had these fundamental questions in my mind. How do different organic molecules participate in a biological pathway? Do all organic molecules have biological implications? How are drugs discovered and found to be useful for a particular disease? How does enzyme catalysis work? It is with the motivation of finding answers to these questions; I find myself interested in the field of chemical biology. For these reasons, I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical biology, also intending to follow it up with further research in the field as a postdoctoral fellow and a scientist in academia. Apart from that, I am also interested in the synthesis of the small bioinspired molecule which leads to the supramolecular self-assembled functional biomaterial. Some knowledge on the subject of biochemistry, chemical biology, and supramolecular chemistry makes me quite confident that I can pursue research in this interdisciplinary subject.

Question 2
Describe any project, or laboratory experiment, or research-oriented training programme that you have been involved in. Please highlight the aspects that you particularly enjoyed.

Response to Question 2
As I found myself highly motivated and interested in this area, I started my MS Thesis in Prof. Haldar’s lab on the topic “Synthesis of tripeptides and analogous: Structure and Application". As the desired moiety was not studied and varying C-terminal with different amino acids like proline, tryptophan, serine was quite challenging in terms of yield and isolation, I took the challenge to overcome this problem. I have studied the effect of different C-terminal amino acid side chains containing hydrophobic nonpolar groups to aromatic polar groups also affects their different physical and chemical properties. During this project, I developed peptide synthetic skills with high efficiency and some new characterization techniques like POM, SEM, TEM, SCXRD data analysis. Apart From that, I analyzed their different physical and chemical properties along with exploring the biological aspects of these compounds. My master’s thesis experience has not only taught me how to develop a project from scratch and understand the problem underlying it but also solving the problem as a synthetic chemist.

Question 3
State the reasons on why you want to opt for JNCASR for your advanced research / academic studies.

Response to Question 3
JNCASR is one of the top-notch premier research institutes in India. Also, it is equipped with high-quality facilities for advanced research which is best for career progression. Apart from that, it is full of many renowned researchers of India who lead from the front and responsible to make such high research output institute. I believe joining such a department will undoubtedly open me up to a plethora of new ideas, which I will try my best to absorb and apply in my research as much as possible. With my current research experience and the associated skillset I have garnered over the years, I believe that I would be a great addition to the research team at the New chemistry unit department of JNCASR, pushing the wavefront of knowledge on synthetic chemistry ahead.

I declare that all the information and entries of marks are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If admitted, I shall obey all the rules and regulations of the Centre.
Date of submission : 30-11-2020
Date of printing : 17-01-2021
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