Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
Admissions 2020
  1. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  2. Evolutionary and Integrative Biology
Fee: Rs.500/- paid
NameSmriti Agarwal
App. No. PH731400
Program Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
E-mail Address
Date of Birth 08/07/1996
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
State of Domicile Karnataka
Aadhaar Number 897286418591
Place of Birth India
Category General
OBC - Sub-Classification
Subcategory None
Address Line 1 103 Block A Euphoria Corporate Leisure Apartments
Address Line 2 Ibular Village
Address Line 3 Bellandur
City Bengaluru
State Karnataka
Pincode 560103
Mobile Number +91-9005111839
Are you Currently Employed? Yes
Qualifying Degree
Qualifying Degree Status Year of Passing
B.Tech. (Biotechnology) Passed 2019

National Examination
National Entrance Test Year and Month Roll Number Rank Score
Gate Paper: Biotechnology
2020 BT20S31218103 174 632

Academic Details
12 std / PUC
Institution and PlaceSir Padampat Singhania Education Center, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Year of Passing2014
Aggregate Percentage85%
Any Specific Comments
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
Biology 90
Biotechnology 94
Chemistry 77
Physics 70
English 94
10 std / SSLC
Institution and PlaceSir Padampat Singhania Education Center, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Year of Passing2012
Aggregate Percentage9.4/10
Any Specific Comments
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
Science 10/10
Mathematics 09/10
Social Scicence 09/10
Foundation of IT 09/10
English 09/10
Hindi 10/10
Mode of Admission
Admission Registration Number
Year wise/Semester wiseSemester
UniversityVellore Institute of Technology
Institution and PlaceVellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Major SubjectBiotechnology
Year of Passing2019
Aggregate Percentage8.92/10
Any Specific Comments
Year/Semester wise performance
1 8.91
2 9.13
3 9.09
4 8.85
5 8.73
6 8.79
7 8.79
8 8.92

1 Rachit Agarwal (, Phone:80 22933626 , Address:Assistant Professor, BioSystems Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India) - As a Teacher
Academic background to conduct research5
Comes up with innovative ideas4
Ability to work independently or problem solving4
Clarity of comprehension of concepts5
Communication skill3
Can work in company of others5
Emotional maturity3
I am writing in strong support of Ms Smriti Agarwal for the application to the graduate program at your institute. I have known her through her work in my laboratory as a Project Assistant for nearly a year. During this time, she has demonstrated the ability to work independently with great enthusiasm and interest. She has put in many long hours in work and came out be as a hardworking and dedicated student. I teamed up Smriti, with two other graduate students in my lab working on delivery carriers for the treatment of Osteoarthritis, which required her to perform a number of in vitro and animal experiments. She has shown excellent persistence and skills in learning the techniques and performing these experiments. The other students working with Smriti commented favorably about working with her. They said she got along with everyone and had the ability to plan and manage her work properly. She is committed to improving her technical skills and knowledge as she is very determined and goes to the root for troubleshooting scientific problems. She is always ready to take up new challenges in work and serves justice to the work she performs. She has also shown active participation in the lab activities, and in lab maintenance activities, making her a suitable candidate for a research program. To summarize, Smriti is a student whose dedication to enhancing her expertise, conceptual aptitude, and out of the box approach towards scientific queries is exemplified with everything that she does. Therefore, I strongly recommend Smriti for the graduate program at your Institute due to her good conduct, dedication to her work, keen interest in research, and consistently good work ethics in the lab.

2 Raunak Kumar Das (, Phone:9597013091, Address:Centre for Biomaterials, Cellular and Molecular Theranostics (CBCMT), Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore) - Response awaited.

Question 1
What is it about research as a career that interests you the most? In which subject area(s) would you like to pursue research? What led you to choose this area of research?

Response to Question 1
I was introduced to the true definition of 'change' and 'impact' long before I even knew what I wanted to do in life. From watching a show on Astrobiology to actually studying Biotechnology in the 11th grade, it all boiled down to my curiosity of learning how Science was changing the world for good, in its own ways and, whether I was certain or perplexed as to how I wanted to narrow things down for me academically, I was sure that nothing else felt right. What sparked my interest is the scope of creative and boundless thinking to improve the quality of life with our research. That's what I want to do in life.
I want to become a scientist and contribute to the scientific world through research inspired by my curiosity and observations, something I can only accomplish with a Research program from this university. Every career demands its own fundamental preparations and experiences, well aware of this, I began my journey after school by pursuing a bachelor's degree (B.Tech) in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology.
I was fascinated by the field of genetics because that gives us the basis to explore our creativity in a way, that can serve humankind.

Question 2
Describe any project, or laboratory experiment, or research-oriented training programme that you have been involved in. Please highlight the aspects that you particularly enjoyed.

Response to Question 2
During my graduation, owing to my passion towards building my research skills and acquiring the right learning experiences, I interned at the Centre for Genetic Disorders at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), where I learned the basic techniques employed in Molecular Biology such as DNA isolation from blood, its quantification, PCR for DNA amplification, and basic laboratory safety measures. This internship experience inspired me to explore the domain of genetic diagnosis, which led me to work in the lab of functional genomics for my final year project. For that, I worked at the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB), where I was performing the optimization of the diagnosis techniques of Faciosscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) type 1 which requires Southern Blotting and long range PCR techniques. This experience taught me how to carry out research independently and allowed me to establish the technique of Southern Blotting from scratch in the lab. It was a very challenging and new experience for me which made me confident and certain about my research skills and dreams.
Apart from this, during my under-graduation, I worked on several course work projects in order to get in-depth knowledge of different domains, the most significant one being “Fabrication and Morphological Analysis of Gelatin-Alginate Scaffolds” which was also published in the Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. Apart from this I have worked on diverse area of projects during my B. Tech ranging from “Study of Quorum Quenching Potential of Cuminum cyminum” where I was introduced with docking, to nanoparticle synthesis in “Development of NanoBioFilter using Silver Nanoparticles” and few other each allowing me to explore other branches with Biotechnology. To further explore this field, I started working in the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) as a project assistant in the field of drug delivery. Currently, I am working on developing a micro PLGA particle for Rapamycin delivery to treat Osteoarthritis.
All these experiences have made me realize, I love the research field as it allows us to express our ideas and creativity, and Genetics and molecular biology have always been my field of interest and I would like to further work on them.

Question 3
State the reasons on why you want to opt for JNCASR for your advanced research / academic studies.

Response to Question 3
These experiences have made me realize that I need to acquire extensive knowledge on the Genes and how they function during diseases and the role of epigenetic factors in same. But, in order to actually work and come up with mechanisms and solutions for such genetic disorders, I need to attain the right skills and knowledge of Genetics, genomics and Epigenetics and their use in the right direction. In order to accomplish these goals, there is no other place than JNCASR which can allow me to flourish under such a rich learning and progressing environment.
Conclusively, numerous projects that I have worked upon have made me aware of the manifold branches of Biotechnology along with its applications. An opportunity to work under the esteemed faculty at JNCASR cutting-edge research labs, would help me achieve my goal of being a research scientist and giving back to society.

I declare that all the information and entries of marks are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If admitted, I shall obey all the rules and regulations of the Centre.
Date of submission : 30-11-2020
Date of printing : 17-01-2021
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