Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
Admissions 2020
  1. Molecular Biology and Genetics
Fee: Rs.500/- paid
NameBuch Hrimkar Bhargav
App. No. PH581392
Program Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
E-mail Address
Date of Birth 16/04/1997
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
State of Domicile Gujarat
Aadhaar Number 618737643460
Place of Birth Rajkot, Gujarat
Category General
OBC - Sub-Classification
Subcategory None
Address Line 1 402, SAGAR APARTMENTS,
Address Line 2 10 MANHAR PLOT,
City Rajkot
State Gujarat
Pincode 360002
Mobile Number +91-8200452485
Are you Currently Employed? Yes
Qualifying Degree
Qualifying Degree Status Year of Passing
M.Sc. (Biochemistry) Passed 2020

National Examination
National Entrance Test Year and Month Roll Number Rank Score
National Category I
2020 1004237 - 242
Gate Paper: Life Sciences
2020 XL20S32003852 687 538

Academic Details
10 std / SSLC
Institution and PlaceSt.Paul's School, Rajkot
Year of Passing2013
Aggregate Percentage75.4
Any Specific Comments
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
Science 78
Mathematics 60
English 74
Gujarati 76
History and Geography 86
Computer applications 69
12 std / PUC
Board (State/CBSE/ICSE)State
Institution and PlaceShakti Higher Secondary School, Rajkot
Year of Passing2015
Aggregate Percentage69.8
Any Specific Comments
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
Biology 82
Computer applications 62
English 62
Chemistry 75
Physics 68
Biology practical 92
Mode of Admission
Admission Registration Number
Year wise/Semester wiseSemester
UniversityGujarat University
Institution and PlaceSt. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad
Major SubjectBiochemistry
Year of Passing2018
Aggregate Percentage71.7
Any Specific Comments
Year/Semester wise performance
1 6.62
2 6.88
3 7.45
4 7.45
5 7.56
6 7.15
7 7.33

Mode of Admission
Admission Registration Number
Year wise/Semester wiseSemester
UniversityNirma University
Institution and PlaceInstitute of Science, Nirma University
Major SubjectBiochemistry
Year of Passing2020
Aggregate Percentage83.20
Any Specific Comments
Year/Semester wise performance
1 8.7
2 9.00
3 8.72
4 8.86

1 Sarat K Dalai (, Phone:07971652753, Address:Institute of Science, Nirma University, near Vaishno Devi circle, S-G Highway, Ahmedabad - 382481) - As a project Guide
Academic background to conduct research5
Comes up with innovative ideas5
Ability to work independently or problem solving5
Clarity of comprehension of concepts5
Communication skill5
Can work in company of others5
Emotional maturity5
I am very pleased to write the letter of recommendation in support of my students Mr Hrimkar Buch. I know him since July 2018. He is curious and his constant pursuit of knowledge and more so understanding of the basic concepts of the subjects that he studies is commendable. He is dedicated as well as focused and his efforts are creditable. &#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;As Hrimkar’s teacher, I have found him to be proficiently well in asking right questions and participating actively in discussions. He has ascertained that he is trained in techniques that would help him in the future. I have also seen him read various research papers on which we have had interesting discussions as well. He has shown keen interest in immunology and has often come up with his own ideas and designed his own experiments. Apart from his dissertation training during masters, he has also undertaken summer training at M. S. University of Baroda.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;He has qualified several prestigious national level examinations like DBT-BET and GATE with high scores which are important for obtaining studentships and Ph.D admission in good Indian research institutes. He has also several prizes in various biosciences competitions representing the institute proving his competence at the state as well as national level. He has taken part in various events such as debates, elocution and skit. His participation has shown that he is a team player, inside as well as outside of the lab. He has good conduct and his interactions with peers and teachers have always been good. He has also attended various lectures, seminars and conferences, where he has shown active participation during the Q&A sessions.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;Based on his overall academic performance and research aptitude I strongly recommend him for the PhD admission at JNCASR. I wish him the very best for his bright future.&#rl;&#nl;With Warm Regards,&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;Prof. Sarat K. Dalai

2 Sudeshna Menon (, Phone:9374052653, Address:Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, St. Xavier's College, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad - 380009) - As a Teacher
Academic background to conduct research4
Comes up with innovative ideas4
Ability to work independently or problem solving4
Clarity of comprehension of concepts4
Communication skill4
Can work in company of others4
Emotional maturity4
I would like to quote one of the external examiners, who had assessed the final year students’ Metabolism answer scripts. He said “This answer script is of a student who knows his concepts and more than that knows how to make the subject enjoyable for the reader”. The answer script had clarity and a flow of thought that showcased the interest the student had in the subject. The answer script was that of Hrimkar’s. I hope he enthralls many more of us. He has evolved as a science orator and to his credit he has been the recipient of first prizes at various science meets and conclaves. &#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;To his credit, in his third year of undergraduate studies, he had been selected as one of the ten students in a special undergraduate research program. During this tenure, he had been assigned a project in which he had to set objectives, decide on a plan of work and design experiments. On successful completion of the project he was awarded a medal and a fellowship. I believe this experience has opened up an aspect of science that he sees himself in, that of finding answers.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;As part of his curriculum, he was also part of a student run company, In Xitu. He was appointed as the COO of the company. He worked tirelessly, coordinating, planning and executing with complete maturity and faith. He works exceptionally well in a team and maintains a cordial atmosphere. His experience in the company has taught him a lot both at the scientific and the management level. He as a leader does not lose hope and valiantly works towards a goal despite hurdles.&#rl;&#nl;

Question 1
What is it about research as a career that interests you the most? In which subject area(s) would you like to pursue research? What led you to choose this area of research?

Response to Question 1
It is the critically demanding and mentally stimulating environment that is driving me towards pursuing research. My fascination for pursuing research in the field of molecular biology, cell biology, and cancer biology catapulted during my dissertation project which was based on cancer immunotherapy. I find it very amazing to think about how the dictation of differential gene expression orchestrates cellular pathways resulting in distinct cellular behavior imparting a particular function. My idol for research in biological science has always been Nobel laureate Prof. Susumu Tonegawa whose innovation-driven research paved way for unraveling complex phenomena in immunology and now in neuroscience.

Question 2
Describe any project, or laboratory experiment, or research-oriented training programme that you have been involved in. Please highlight the aspects that you particularly enjoyed.

Response to Question 2
I underwent a summer training program in a lab which studies the pathogenesis of vitiligo where I had to study ER stress response of melanocyte in the presence of excess homocysteine by analyzing gene expression pattern of ER-stress markers. One of the most important aspects I liked about my time in the lab was the approach towards answering questions by planning and executing experiments based on simple scientific principles. I find it fascinating how many great scientists have given their lives in elucidating the most critical pathways on which life persists, but the gaps in knowledge still prevail and I am very much motivated to contribute to filling these gaps. Proposing mechanisms behind complex cellular behavior and communication based on existing knowledge and experimentation is something I really enjoyed doing during my training. I also could see how involving scientific studies are and would liked to be involved in a mentally stimulating project which would also benefit society.

Question 3
State the reasons on why you want to opt for JNCASR for your advanced research / academic studies.

Response to Question 3
The primary reason for applying to JNCASR for Ph.D. in molecular biology and medicine is world-class faculty, highly qualified and experienced in diverse fields of Biological science with publications in high impact factor journals. I strongly feel that I will undergo holistic development at JNCASR and the institute will provide me with an opportunity to be a part of the core scientific community of India as well as the world. JNCASR has state of the art and international standard infrastructure for research which will help me in keeping up with the 21st-century scientific methodology. The institute offers a wide spectrum of research projects matching my interests with funding from the government indicating its importance. The institute has a quality of labs in which I wanted to work since the early days of my college.

I declare that all the information and entries of marks are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If admitted, I shall obey all the rules and regulations of the Centre.
Date of submission : 30-11-2020
Date of printing : 17-01-2021
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