Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
Admissions 2020
  1. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  2. Evolutionary and Integrative Biology
  3. Chemistry and Physics of Materials
Fee: Rs.500/- paid
App. No. PH331422
Program Ph.D /MS(Engg.) /MS(Research)
E-mail Address
Date of Birth 26/12/1995
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
State of Domicile Delhi (UT)
Place of Birth North West Delhi
Category Other Backward Class
OBC - Sub-Classification NCL (Non-Creamy Layer)
Subcategory None
Address Line 1 A-33 Bhalswa Dairy
Address Line 2 DELHI-110042
City North West Delhi
State Delhi (UT)
Pincode 110042
Phone Number -09911393131
Mobile Number +91-9911393131
Are you Currently Employed? No
Qualifying Degree
Qualifying Degree Status Year of Passing
M.Sc. (Life Sciences) Passed 2020

National Examination
National Entrance Test Year and Month Roll Number Rank Score
National Category I
2020 20235900138 215
JOINT CSIR UGC NET for JRF 2019 - 12 MR1616201610 119 91

Academic Details
10 std / SSLC
Institution and PlaceNavjeevan Model secondary School, GTB Nagar, Delhi-110009
Year of Passing2011
Aggregate Percentage77.9
Any Specific Comments
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
Hindi 90
English 80
Mathematics 80
Science 80
Social Studies 80
12 std / PUC
Institution and PlaceAbhinav Public School, CU block Pitampura, Delhi-110088
Year of Passing2013
Aggregate Percentage81.6
Any Specific CommentsFirst Division
Marks in core subjects
Subject Percentage
English 95
Physics 73
Chemistry 89
Mathematics 77
Biology 74
Mode of Admission
Admission Registration Number
Year wise/Semester wiseSemester
UniversityJamia Millia Islamia University
Institution and PlaceJamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi-110025
Major SubjectBiotechnology
Year of Passing2018
Aggregate Percentage8.89
Any Specific CommentsFirst Division with Distinction
Year/Semester wise performance
1 9.33
2 8.43
3 8.6
4 9.1
5 9.1
6 8.8

Mode of Admission
Admission Registration Number
Year wise/Semester wiseSemester
UniversityIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
Institution and PlaceIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
Major SubjectBiotechnology
Year of Passing2020
Aggregate Percentage8.43
Any Specific CommentsFirst Division
Year/Semester wise performance
1 8.1
2 7.8
3 8.76
4 9.17

1 Sidharth Chopra (, Phone:0522-2772450, Address:Microbiology Division, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, BS-10/1, Sector 10, Jankipuram extension, Sitapur Road, Lucknow 226031, Uttar Pradesh) - As a Teacher
Academic background to conduct research5
Comes up with innovative ideas5
Ability to work independently or problem solving5
Clarity of comprehension of concepts5
Communication skill5
Can work in company of others5
Emotional maturity5
I am delighted to write this recommendation letter for Bhawna to support her admission as a Ph.D. student at JNCASR. I have known her since she joined my lab as a summer research intern in May 2019 to work on a project entitled “Microbiology with an emphasis on drug screening and discovery against ESKAPE pathogens”, and I feel that I have a reasonable understanding of her academic, laboratory and personal abilities to evaluate her as a student and a future researcher. During the internship, she screened novel small chemical molecules for their potency agains ESKAPE pathogens and further determined MIC of the active compounds obtained in primary screening. She further checked in-vivo cytotoxicity ofactive compounds in Vero cell lines. Besides this, she became fully adept at handling eukaryotic cell lines and basic microbiology techniques. &#rl;&#nl;Bhawna has a strong record of academic excellence. She has cleared the CSIR-NET exam two times along with GATE 2020 with an impressive score of 619/1000. She has recently cleared DBT-NET as well. Based on my interactions with her regarding research interests and future goals, I have found her enthusiastic, ambitious, and responsible student. She is strongly motivated to pursue high- quality science, and I am sure if provided with the right set of opportunities, she can excel in the field of research with her science, flexible, and collegial personality. Considering all her possessions, I can state, that she is simply an ideal student and thereby, strongly recommend her to pursue higher studies.

2 Santanu Kumar Ghosh (, Phone:(91-22)25767766, Address:Plasmid and chromosome segregation lab, Room no. 303, Bioscience and Bioengineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076, Maharashtra) - As a project Guide
Academic background to conduct research5
Comes up with innovative ideas4
Ability to work independently or problem solving5
Clarity of comprehension of concepts5
Communication skill5
Can work in company of others5
Emotional maturity5
I have come across many opportunities to identify her work habits and skill levels. I have found her to be extremely intelligent, courteous, sincere, hardworking and trustworthy. According to me, she is outstanding in data analysis and in learning new techniques. She has ability to put independent thinking for a project which is at this stage is marvellous I think. &#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;She is a nice person with good fellow feeling and has an excellent work ethic. I strongly believe that she will excel further in a better research ambience. As a young researcher her performance is amazing. &#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;I very strongly recommend Ms. Bhawna without reservation as a graduate student.&#rl;&#nl;

Question 1
What is it about research as a career that interests you the most? In which subject area(s) would you like to pursue research? What led you to choose this area of research?

Response to Question 1
My current scientific interest pertains to understand various facades of molecular cell biology like meiosis,chromosome segregation, and aneuploidy. I find this field riveting because chromosomal mis-segregation during cell division leads to aneuploidy and genomic instability which is a hallmark of cancer, infertility, andmany developmental disorders. A better understanding of the molecular mechanisms leading to aneuploidy holds promise for the development of anti-cancer drugs. Shreds of evidence in the literature suggest that many factors lead to aneuploidy like a failure in the mitoticcheckpoints, improper microtubule-kinetochore attachment, inactivation of the error-sensing pathway, anddefective molecular motors. Mitotic spindle and kinetochore play an indispensable role in preventinganeuploidy such as activation of mad1/mad2 mediated repair pathway in case of aberrant spindle-kinetochore attachment, working in harmony with molecular motors which exert pulling and pushing forceson the spindle pole leading to chromosome segregation, etc. During my master thesis project I have developed interest on this field and wanted to pursue PhD relevant to this.

Question 2
Describe any project, or laboratory experiment, or research-oriented training programme that you have been involved in. Please highlight the aspects that you particularly enjoyed.

Response to Question 2
My MSc thesis project that is aimed at elucidating the role of kinesin-14 motor (kar3) in meiosis using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model system. The basic idea behind the project is that chromosomal mis-segregation during cell division leads to aneuploidy which is a hallmark of cancer. Kar3 has been shown to localize at the microtubule-unattached kinetochore in mitosis and thus helps in de novo attachment of the chromosome to the spindle during spindle recovery from a spindle poison. Since in budding yeast, unlike mitosis de novo attachment of kinetochore to the spindle occurs naturally in meiosis-I as the kinetochores mature late, I hypothesize that in meiosis Kar3 may facilitate kinetochore maturation and its attachment to the spindle. I am supposed to test this hypothesis by examining kinetochore maturation and chromosome segregation in kar3 mutant in which Centromere V is GFP tagged using Fluorescent Repressor Operator System (FROS). I have constructed kar3 deletion mutant and observed that they arrest at prophase. In order to bypass the arrest, I have deleted checkpoint protein spo11 in the kar3 mutant. I contributed to the project by constructing deletion strains by designing cloning experiments and analyzing the mutants and wild type strains by fluorescence microscopy.

Question 3
State the reasons on why you want to opt for JNCASR for your advanced research / academic studies.

Response to Question 3
I believe by doing a Ph.D. from this institute I will able to perform independent research which is essential for making a careeer in research. I will also develop collaboration skills, team management, which are essential to becoming an independent researcher and group leader. In addition to this the research work going on my area of interest and interdisciplinary research in JNCASR inspired me to apply here for PhD.

I declare that all the information and entries of marks are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If admitted, I shall obey all the rules and regulations of the Centre.
Date of submission : 30-11-2020
Date of printing : 17-01-2021
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